Monday, September 14, 2009

Showing Some Loc Love!!

I do not know where I would be if I was not able to do Sisterlock research in the internet. I would have thought that I was the only person that ever went from traditional locs to sisterlocks if it weren’t for groups like “Lock It Up” or blog exchanges like “Locked Hair Blog Exchange” (shoutout to Maryee) or beautiful websites like (shoutout to Sandra). Special thanks to Sandra, the LocStar for giving me tips and tools (literally) on how to make my "loc take down" much easier. I was even able to find several videos on youtube. I love the way we are coming together to help one another out. I hope my blog can bless someone else on this journey the way that I have been blessed. Just needed to show some love.


  1. Wow - that site is so cool. Thanks for showing them some love and sharing it with us (just one thing though, the link in your post is wrong it should be
    There is so much useful information on there...
    All the best with your journey, I think I'm just as excited as you are!

  2. I get excited when anyone from Texas gets locked up, be they traditional or Sisterlocks! I'm glad your family is supportive of your transition. The more we share the "loc love" on line and in public, the faster the natural "locked" hair community will grow. BTW lovely blog template! Who'd you use??



  3. Thanks Maryee! I got the template from
    I am so glad to be part of the community! I'm a proud proud member.

  4. Greetings~ I hope you will enjoy your new lock journey. I am on my 2nd set, after having locks for 8 yrs. Now this set is started with ext. Braids-{now locking for 23 months now}.
    Pics are on my blog:

    Take care~