Saturday, September 25, 2010

Braid Out

So last night I felt like playing with my hair so I spritzed it with water and braided it up. I left the braids in until mid-day the next day. The pictures below are the result of the braid out.

My sister wanted to play in my hair too so she pinned it up. The other 2 pics are the result of my sister’s style.
I guess I will be doing braid outs more often. I wasn’t sure if it was worth it because my hair has a natural curl and I thought one wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between my natural curl pattern and the braid out. Comments are always welcomed.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Where Did the Time Go?

Sorry it has taken me so long to post updates. It has been a very busy 5 months. Well here are pictures of my hair 1 day after my 11 month retightening. I really can tell the difference as I look at previous postings. My hair is longer and fuller. I love it more and more every month! Okay here are the updates. Please leave comments.

@ 11 months I am:
Still loving my hair!
Still having to band my hair to wash….(when will that end?)
Sleeping on a satin pillow case instead of a satin cap.
Getting retightenings every 4-5 weeks.
Wearing my hair free style (even though I have lock loops and other rollers). I like my curl pattern because I don’t have to roll my hair if I don’t want to.
Still experiencing some slippage on the ends of my locs. My consultant has been retightening my ends during each session. :-(