Monday, April 11, 2011

I’ve been bitten by the DIY bug…..

My recent frustrating experiences with my SL consultant have motivated me to begin my journey to DIY! I checked the SL website to look at the schedule for the retighten class. The recent changes to the site were not helpful to me finding the information that I need. According to the schedule, I will not be able to fit the class into my schedule until December. :-( So I started looking at blogs, emailing people, and talking to sisters who are currently DIY-ers. I was referred to YouTube and I found a number of videos with retightening instructions. I ordered the Nappy Lock tool and I got it in the mail today! :-) I already had a retightening scheduled for tomorrow the 12th so I am going to say that will be my last salon retightening. I am going to attempt my retightening 4 weeks from tomorrow. I’m excited! I maintained my traditional locks after about 1 ½ years and keep up my neat locks for 5 years. So I am confident that I can do the same with my Sisterlocks. Pray for me as I transition into a DIY-er! Peace & Blessings!