Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Locs have been counted…….

Okay the girls have been counted and the official number is……. ≈410!

2 days after my installation I introduced my babies face to face to my part of my sister circle, including my sisters who helped me take down my traditionals. I had hoped that they would help me count them. NOT! When they looked at my hair they all were like "uhh uhn". No help! My sis-in-law said she couldn't count that high. LOL! Good one! One of my sisters that helped with the "take down" was like, "I thought I was through with that!" So I had to go at it alone. It's cool, I was just able to bond with my babies. I have touched each and every one of them. That's love! Peace!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pump Up the Volume!

I was thinking that my hair was to flat so I decided to try curling them on day 2. I first spritzed them with water and rolled them. I let them stay in the rollers over night and here is the result. Afterthoughts for next time:
Maybe use some type of product. I know it’s too soon now, right?
Let them set longer or perhaps sit under the dryer.
Maybe use perm rods.

Any who….just having fun getting to know my girls! I can’t keep my hands out of my hair and it’s just day 3!

Peace & Blessings!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Whew! After 17.5 hours, 7 movies, and countless conversations and laughs, my sisterlock babies are finally here! My locs were installed on October 23, 2009 at about 11:45pm. My consultant Olohimai was a solider along with her sister helping from time to time because she made it happen in one day! I had to give myself some mental pep talks around the 10th hour. But I was a G about it, because I knew what I was doing it for. One of the 7 habits of highly effective people is to “begin with an end in mind.” I had to tap into that resource to make it through this process. Just think, retightenings will be nothing compared to installation. I don’t have an official count yet, but my consultant estimated more than 500. I won’t be satisfied until they have been counted so whoever I see this weekend (my sisters) better be ready to help. (LOL)

Overall, I am very satisfied with the initial look. I am making frequent stops in the mirror just to examine them. I am not as scalpy as I thought I would be. My test locs filled in pretty quickly in the 3 weeks that I had them so I am hopeful the rest of the girls will do the same. I do have some volume too, but I may try to put some curl to them today. I may do my first wash in one week to assist with the fill in process. Thanks for all the support that motivated me to get to this day. Peace and Blessings!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Loc'd Up Again!!!

I don't have any pictures to post, I just wanted to say that by this time next week I will be getting loc’d up again!!!! I am so excited! Shout out to divinebeauti since we discovered that our locs will be started on the same day. I’ll send you some sitting energy if you send me some! 7 more days!!!!!!! Stay tuned!

Peace & Blessings!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pre-Install Wash #1

So I did my pre-install wash #1 Friday night and I think things went well. I have about 35 test locs. I loosely braided them together and curled the ends under with a rubber band.

I left the braids in all day Saturday since I two strand twisted my hair.
I took the two braids out when I unraveled my two strands for church on Sunday (Praise the Lord!).

I do have to report that my test patch got the case if the itchies about 2 or 3 days after my consultation. Thank GOD I had read about "the itch" on other blogs because I would have been a little concerned. So I may as well prepare myself and my mist bottle for the real deal after installation.

Next pre-install wash will be right before installation. I need better bunching bands. (Any suggestions?)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I had my consultation today and I can’t say how excited I am! My consultant is wonderful! I knew we’d vibe from the phone conversation we had when I was shopping around. She lives less than 10 minutes from me so that makes me uberly excited! So I get in the chair and I take the band holding my afro puff off. The first thing she says is, “Wow, you have a lot of hair.” (Smile) I knew that would be her reaction, because that is usually the reaction of anyone who has to style my hair. She also said that my hair is “the good stuff.” (LAUGH!) I tell her that I never heard that until I went natural. My curl pattern seems to be ideal for loc’ing because it is so “springy”. I have coily hair. God got the message to me by making me fall in love with locs. She likes the length that I saved too. She loves my grey patch too. Overall, I have absolutely no complaints or reservations….EXCEPT that I know that my anticipation level will be through the roof until the 23rd. She’s gonna aim to do my hair in one day in about 15 hours. That’s cool with me, because I have a family reunion the next day and I don’t want to miss it.

I have about 35 test locs in my hair. I guess things were going so well that she just kept weaving and weaving. My mission is to keep as many as possible so that she won’t have to re-do any. Of course after being with my test babies for a few hours I started having more questions. 1. What’s gonna happen with these little buds on the end? 2. Are they too thin that there is a risk of falling out or thinning to the point of breaking?
My sisters were extra excited to see the test babies. When they did see them they both expressed how pretty they all would be when I got them installed. My oldest sister is ready to style them for me. (Can’t wait!)

The best thing that I heard my consultant say was that I would end up with over 500 Sisterlocks™!!! Yipppeeee!!!

Next step…….wash twice…..then install!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I Rocks Rough and Stuff With My Afro Puff.....Rock On With Your Bad Self!

Does anyone remember that song???? (Shout out to Lady of Rage). I just wanted to share that I discovered that I could rock an afro puff. My consultation is tomorrow and I am extra excited! I have been getting many compliments on my hair, but they will not make me change my mind about SLs. I'm committed! Holla at you tomorrow after my consultation. Peace!