Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pipe Cleaner Spiral Set....Take 2

So I tried the pipe cleaner spiral set again. This time I took more time rolling my hair. I only put 3-6 locks on each roller. I left the pipe cleaners in for about 17 hours.

When I took them out I left the spirals intact for another day.

This morning I separated the spirals. Here are the results. Enjoy! (Please leave comments)


  1. Your hair is beautiful. I love that set. It took me 3 times to get it the way I wanted

  2. Beautiful! How long did it take to roll?

  3. Thanks for the encouragement ladies!
    @ Natural High I think it took about an hour or so to roll. I kinda lost track of time.

  4. Your hair is beautiful! I am so looking forward to the journey! Your hair has grown so much. Is your hair soft and curly? I love the curly q's on the ends.

  5. I love this! Your hair has filled in a lot since last year and I am sure you are loving the versatility of your new locs. I am going to have to try this, this looks great on you!

  6. @ Lovin Natural...thanks for the compliment! My sisterlocks are soft and curly. I love my hair. You will enjoy the journey. One of the best decisions I've ever made.

    @motiv8ed....thanks for following my progress. I've checked out yours too! Looking good!