Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spiral Clarification…..and As the Pipe Cleaner Set Falls.....

I don’t want to overkill the spiral set info, but I will address some questions I have had. The pic posted November 6th with the pipecleaners in is not a good representation of how it looks set when I take my time. So here are pictures of what it looks like when I take my time rolling my sisterlocks on the pipecleaners. It takes about an hour to roll my entire head. I usually put 3-6 sisterlocks on each pipecleaner.

This is what my hair looks like after I take the rollers out. If I am not going anywhere important, I will leave my hair like this for as long as possible before I’m ready to separate the curls. When I take my time this style is very doable and neat. From a distance my hair looks like Whoopi’s hair.

This is what my hair looks like once the sisterlocks are separated. The curls are pretty tight the first week. They loosen up as the style gets older.

Day 2

Day 4

After 1 week (My Rottwieler Buster likes my hair! :-)

Week 2 (forgot to take a picture of the back)

I absolutely love this style! It’s gonna by my 2011 staple!
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  1. Now that my hair is a little longer, I going to try this one.