Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Object of my Obsession!

Okay, I've taken my obsession to another level. Since talking to the consultant about the possibility of saving some length I've wondered just how easy or hard it would be to undo my locs. I know I will have to cut them seeing that they are over 20 inches long.

I've decided that I will be satisfied with saving 6 inches of length.
So what did I do? I cut one loc from the center (so it can be hidden in any style) and began combing it out. I'm not finish combing it out, but it's not that hard. So my "loc take out" party may come sooner than later. I'm even more excited now!

When I finished combing it out, this it what it looked like.

This little experiment makes me want to do it big and just take them all out now and let my hair breath before going for my consultation in October. More things to ponder. Stay tuned! Peace and Blessings!


  1. You will not regret your decision! You will go from 20+ of your traditional to 400+ sisterlocks & greater styling versatility! Good luck with your journey :-)