Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In the beginning…..

This blog was birth out of my newest obsession.....SisterLocks! I have been natural since March 2001. For a year and a half I wore a few natural styles like two strand twists, free style fro, and coil twist. In September 2002 I started locking my hair. Because of the length of my hair, my stylist suggested starting with two strand twists. I was not able to find anyone in Houston who did Sisterlocks, so I went for the traditional locks.

7 years later, while I totally love my locks (hence the name of this blog), I have not stopped obsessing over me having sisterlocks. So here’s the sequence of events. Someone asked me about the locking process out of curiosity and I spent a nice amount of time explaining it to her. That got me thinking about my hair. She asked me if I would ever cut them off. My standard reply to that question is that if I ever did cut them off, it would be to start over with sisterlocks. Eureka! The thought was re-planted. That was Saturday 08/15/09….I went home and began looking up every site I could find on sisterlocks. I even made a list of consultants in Houston to call. On Sunday at church I saw a sister with sisterlocks! It was like confirmation for me. I stopped her and asked for her consultant’s number. The number she gave me was a number that was listed on the site. More confirmation! Perfect! On Tuesday I started calling consultants on my list.

The first consultant I called was a bit distracted when I called her. While she still provided me with information, I did not get a very welcoming vibe from her. In addition to the poor customer service, I would have to make a 40 minute drive to get to her. I told her that I was transitioning from traditional locks that I had been growing for 7 years. All she said was that if I wanted to start over, I needed about 4 to 5 inches of new growth. I told her that I would be in touch when I was ready to go further.

The second consultant phone call……I loved!!! She is located less than 10 miles from me! GREAT! But it gets even better! I told her about me having traditional locks and that I am preparing my mind for the big cut off. She told me depending on the thickness of my locks, I may not have to cut them completely out. So I may be able to save some length! SCORE! I was super excited to hear that. She said cutting my hair after 7 years could be a traumatic experience. I told her that I was preparing my mind for the shock. She said I can come for a consultation so she could evaluate them and let me know. She would show me what to do, and then I could call my girlfriends over for a lock take out party. I have put my “girls” on stand-by pending my consultation. That conversation left me very excited! The ULTIMATE CONFIRMATION was that this consultant was actually the referral given to me at church on Sunday!

Well that’s the beginning of my journey to sisterlocks! Next step…..consultation


  1. I am so glad that you decided to take another loc journey and I would be glad to follow you in it. You go girl!

  2. LOCK PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAM! Good luck with your consultation and I hope things go well.

  3. I left you a comment on your other blog because I gave you an award. Go to my The Good, The Bad, and the Hongry blof for details. Look for the post titled and the award goes too...

  4. I have locked my hair twice before, regular locs, and the more I see these beautiful sisterlocs, I dont know....! They are sooooo versatile and stylable. One thing though, I would surely miss my pen coils! I love my nappy coils! Do the sisterlocs have that coily definition at the ends? And congratulations on having the nerve to start over after so many years and such long locs. You will definitely love your sisterlocs!