Friday, December 18, 2009

You Might Win Some, But I Just Lost One…….

So I was chilling on the sofa at my sister’s house playing in my hair as I usually do. I ran my right hand through the baby SLs on the front right side and one comes out in my hand! :-( Not good! I have officially lost a SL. My next retightening is scheduled 10 days from today so I will definitely be discussing this with my consultant. I think my temple area is a problem area. I lost a few of my traditional locks in the same area. I didn’t think I would have the same problem with my SLs because they don’t put as much stress on the hair as the traditional locks did. Oh, well……….R.I.P.S.L.


  1. Sorry about your lock

    Are you pulling on your locks or putting heavy headbands on your head? Sometimes these can aid in locks coming out. Another thing I thought of, are you stressed? Hopefully your not stressed out, but like you said discuss it with your consultant and hopefully you all can prevent this from happening again.

    Take Care

  2. I'm going to pour a lil of my 40 out for the SL no longer with us.

  3. @Brown ButtaFly....I don't wear any headbands, but I do have my hands in my hair a lot. I need to stop that. As far as stress goes, I would say I am not under any more stress than the average person working full time, managing a life, and attending graduate school. We'll see what my consultant has to say. No worries.