Saturday, October 3, 2009


I had my consultation today and I can’t say how excited I am! My consultant is wonderful! I knew we’d vibe from the phone conversation we had when I was shopping around. She lives less than 10 minutes from me so that makes me uberly excited! So I get in the chair and I take the band holding my afro puff off. The first thing she says is, “Wow, you have a lot of hair.” (Smile) I knew that would be her reaction, because that is usually the reaction of anyone who has to style my hair. She also said that my hair is “the good stuff.” (LAUGH!) I tell her that I never heard that until I went natural. My curl pattern seems to be ideal for loc’ing because it is so “springy”. I have coily hair. God got the message to me by making me fall in love with locs. She likes the length that I saved too. She loves my grey patch too. Overall, I have absolutely no complaints or reservations….EXCEPT that I know that my anticipation level will be through the roof until the 23rd. She’s gonna aim to do my hair in one day in about 15 hours. That’s cool with me, because I have a family reunion the next day and I don’t want to miss it.

I have about 35 test locs in my hair. I guess things were going so well that she just kept weaving and weaving. My mission is to keep as many as possible so that she won’t have to re-do any. Of course after being with my test babies for a few hours I started having more questions. 1. What’s gonna happen with these little buds on the end? 2. Are they too thin that there is a risk of falling out or thinning to the point of breaking?
My sisters were extra excited to see the test babies. When they did see them they both expressed how pretty they all would be when I got them installed. My oldest sister is ready to style them for me. (Can’t wait!)

The best thing that I heard my consultant say was that I would end up with over 500 Sisterlocks™!!! Yipppeeee!!!

Next step…….wash twice…..then install!


  1. I like them Ivy Jo!! They are so tiny! They are going to look really pretty when completed. It's nice that you have quiet a bit of length! 15 hours to get your hair done!!! I'll do anything for beauty so get your but pillow ready!

  2. Wow - how long is your hair? The test locs do look lovely. I'm impressed that you've managed to save so much length :)

  3. 500 baby locks and 35 test locks...Wow that is a lot! Do you plan to maintain them yourself eventually?
    Will keep checking out your progress once you've have them installed. Take care ; )

  4. SO excited for you! THey are soo small. And she must have really liked playing in your hair to give you 35 test locs! I only got 2 lol! They are going to look magnificent!

  5. It's funny how similar our hair stories are. I went natural in 2001, got traditional locks in 2002 and got Sisterlocks earlier this year! My installation was one day as well, but it was a little longer than 15 hours, lol.

    Your locks look lovely though. Is she planning on leaving the test locks in for good?

  6. Wow... I gotta hurry up and get my consultation set up. Sisterlocks are so amazing.

  7. Big up to you and your consultation. Your consultant needs a big hug for that many testers. If she decides to take them out, then give her helping hand. I install and have to take them out so I do about 12-20 and they are tough to take out! Good luck to you and keep us posted.